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Fancy? Edgy? We don’t care. We love it. #colorshow

Bend, a ribbon font family
Bend is a contemporary ribbon font family that consists of 6 fonts in total.
Check out more information about this rbbon type family on WE AND THE COLOR or buy it on MyFonts.com
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Scandinave Light | CKND

Katy Perry
jc wit 🐢&🐬.
steelcut oats x nectarine x raisins
homie be preachin👌 @stev_oanthony
ohemgee that girl flaunting her junk and shit she must be so full of herself and she must care too much about her outer appearance blablabla… 
ohreeeely? do i put myself through an hour of workout for you? do i eat healthy for you? do i spend time in the mornings to look presentable for you? i dont think so. i do it for me.
i do it because i love myself. i do it because i can accomplish whatever i set my mind to. i do it because i will live a far sustainable far efficient and far healthier life than you. 
being hot is just something that comes along with it.
so keep talking your talk,

everything personal

Loretta Young in The Men in her Life (1941)